AIGA Upstate New York re-design

AIGA Upstate New York
AIGA Upstate New York’s got a new site design…and it seems to have a hint of MyDarndest behind it.

The quasi-new President of AIGA Upstate New York, Bill Klingensmith aka MyDarndest, has been making some impressive efforts in order to make the AIGA an outstanding resource for members in upstate. Through organizing events such as Creative Eats, where fellow creatives can hang out and chat about what’s going on and the Poster Exhibition at Abilene. He’s also been developing and writing for the blog on the AIGA Upstate site to serve as a resource for both students and professionals. So, I’ve got to give props to good ole BK for putting in some solid effort into making AIGA an even greater resource for creatives in Upstate NY.


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2 responses to “AIGA Upstate New York re-design

  1. Looks like a wordpress layout.

  2. Yep. WordPress drives it.
    We are always looking for articles and comments.
    Thanks Paul!

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